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Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Keynote

SAleS | Business Growth | Entrepreneurship | Leadership

Woman reading billion dollar sales secrets

What do you get when you book a sales expert who has sold more than $1.8 Billion in just under two years' time and has more than 30,000 sales meetings to draw insights from? You get an action-packed 60-minutes chock full of the type of real-world content your sales team is craving!

Learn the sales secrets from Joe's award-winning book, that will have an immediate impact on your team. This keynote speech is perfect for your leadership, sales, customer success, and marketing teams.

Joe will cover 1-2 topics from these areas that align with the chapters of his book. Don't expect to read the book and get the same information rehashed – Joe delivers information that complements the book.

Here are some of the topics to choose from:

  • Look Inside (covers selling mindset and moving past limits)
  • The Yin & Yang of Rapport (Practical strategies for connecting with others. A great session for Direct Marketing businesses!)
  • Rise Up (Sales motivation, and getting up when you've been knocked down)
  • It Takes A Plan (The how's and why's of sales planning at every level.  Pointed and informational)
  • High-Quality Connections (networking with purpose)
  • What Do You Bring to The Party (an exploration of seller value, humorous and insightful)?
  • Sales Managers Suck (great discussion on how to build a sales team, sales leader-AE interactions. Business leadership)
  • Listen Up (where science and real-life intersect. Full of tips and tactics on the art & science of listening)
  • What You Say When You Are Not Talking (A deep dive into the dimensions of sales nonverbal communication. A good diversity discussion.)
  • Ready, Set, Present (How to have a stellar sales pitch/presentation)
  • What Next (This is to help with the operational discipline of sales)?
  • Closing the deal (From negotiations to real-life strategies, and the science of buyer behavior all wrapped up to share).
  • Amplify Your Impact (Selling at scale with technology and people. If you want to sell a Billion Dollars, this is a must. A great entrepreneurship topic).
  • Always Be Curious (One of the best predictors of sales success relates to this key attribute. You'll learn why it's essential, and how to cultivate it).
  • Handling Success (What do you do if you have success. No one ever talks about the joys and pitfalls. Heavy on gratitude and giving).

Sales kickoff & annual sales retreats

Diversity | Technology | Healthcare

Joe's been to his fair share of annual sales meetings filled with training, motivation, dull keynote speeches, and camaraderie. When everyone leaves after a few days, sales reps quickly fall back into old behavior.  

Except after they hear Joe speak.  

Sales teams love joe paranteau

He is like a sales tornado, producing a revenue sonic boom in your team like no one else. 

What sets him apart is he has done what many people and companies only dream about – he has scaled his sales efforts to deliver millions of dollars per day, selling to many of the world's largest, toughest customers.

Tailored to your brand, and goals – this is a custom keynote filled with excitement and energy!

Keynote golden ticket
It's a golden ticket that will put gold in your pocket! Joe's background makes him highly relevant for all companies, especially B2B and technology companies, Direct Marketing, Real Estate, Healthcare, Airline/Aviation, and Military/Defense. Joe is one of those keynote speakers you won't soon forget.

Fixing healthcare with patient-centered
data & experiences

HEALTHCARE | Business Growth | Leadership | Technology

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We've made it out of the pandemic phase of COVID, but sadly many health organizations are less prepared to meet the ever-increasing needs of patients. Are you seeking industry keynote presentations to learn what innovative companies are doing to improve interactive experiences, where technology is going, and how you and your organization can stay in step with the needs of your patients and the market? Joe is a futurist, and innovator in the industry. He has served for ten years on the International HL7 committee and now works for Microsoft.  

He delivers insights from many companies, and this is not a paid advertisement or sales pitch. 

You will learn how Joe helped many health stakeholders make it through Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, How to survive a cyber-attack, and multiple pandemic insights that will help focus attention on fulfilling the AHA Quadruple Aim.

The new culture of us Keynote


We are all unique. 

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Companies know that diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives have a financial payback in increased employee engagement that fuels satisfied customer relationships.  But are you giving lip service to diversity?

As an indigenous, disabled, veteran – Joe will explore diversity as few can in this keynote.  He will unpack the dimensions of diversity and help you find and maximize the beauty in each person in your team.  He will create a new culture of US. A great boost to break down barriers between organizational units.

Mindset Mastery


Do you want to help your team develop a unique style that sells and customers love?

In this keynote, you will learn how to set yourself up for success by reframing how you talk to yourself and see yourself.

It's a two-hour journey into the depths of what's getting in your way, and how to bring out the best.


Perfect for mixed teams of sales, customer service, DSR, marketing, support, and leadership. Can be tailored to encompass other areas such as channel partnerships.

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