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future proof selling

Future-Proof Selling Podcast – Improve Sales Performance

Joe Paranteau is a practicing Sales Director for Microsoft, where he has held positions for over 17 years. A keynote speaker, coach, and sales thought leader, Joe has led nearly 30K sales meetings in his 30-year career with Fortune 500, SMBs, and startup businesses. Within five years, he sold more than $1B in revenue, which motivated … Read more

Business, Brains, and the Bottom Line

Episode 26: Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Selling Is Something We Do With Others, Not To Them. – -Joe Paranteau, Author – Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Every aspect of your life is affected by your ability to sell. Many people, however never learn basic sales skills. It’s not taught or encouraged in school. Only a few … Read more

The Other Side of Sales

Top 10 Sales Tips: How to Improve Selling Performance and Drive Sales Results A leading expert on selling performance, Joe Paranteau, joins Ashleigh and Ryan to talk about his cultural identity and time in the military and how both have helped throughout his journey in sales. SHOW NOTES His Selling Journey -Joe grew up without … Read more

Sales Lead Dog Podcast

Joe Paranteau is a leading authority on selling, a sales coach and mentor, a keynote speaker, a small business owner and entrepreneur, and an investor. He has generated more than $1.8 Billion in revenue as a professional salesperson. Joe wrote Billion Dollar Sales Secrets to help sellers and non-sellers alike. He delivers real-world strategies and … Read more

Asymmetric Selling – The Predictable Revenue Podcast

Author – Collin Stewart TIME IS NON-LINEAR The Native American perception of time, Joe Paranteau explains on a recent episode of the Predictable Revenue Podcast, is non-linear. It is circular and ever-moving, like a clock or a sundial. Joe has found it helpful to think of the sales process as a non-linear occurrence. At the … Read more

ROI Online

How to Stand Out in Sales

Sales Leader Joe Paranteau on How To Stand Out in Sales: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 87 Author – Steve Brown It’s not always easy to excel in sales—even more so if you don’t have the right management team for it. In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, sales coach, mentor and entrepreneur Joe … Read more

Reach or Miss Podcast-No sale is Unwinnable

“I don’t see a sale that could be unwinnable.”-Joe Paranteau Joe Paranteau is a leading expert on sales, generating more than $1B in just five years, an uncommon accomplishment. He has led nearly 30K sales meetings in his 28-year career with Fortune 500, SMBs, and startup businesses. In his first book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, … Read more

How to Be Great at Sales Without Seeming Salesy

Author: Tyler Gallagher People see authenticity, and they love it. If you believe in what you’re doing and what you’re selling, then you will never be salesy or pushy. I’ve been pushy in sales at times, but it’s because I have absolutely been convinced that what I was doing was the right thing for the … Read more