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Sales hacker

Here’s What Happens When Your Sales Forecast Tactics Are Flawed

Selling is like playing chess on five chess boards while standing on your head. Why are we so surprised when we misread the situation, or a large deal fails to land when our forecast models predict? Joe Paranteau, Author, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Every day business leaders attempt to understand and predict when revenue will land. … Read more

Live by decision, not by default

10 Ways Living with Purpose Will Boost Your Business

Living with purpose may not be the first thing you thought of when the ball dropped in 2022—a new year ushers in new business metrics, financial goals, and growth targets for many businesses. The results of life in 2021 became codified into reports. Beyond the numbers is the heart and soul of your company– your … Read more

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How My Air Force Career Shaped me to Be a Leader

From the foot soldiers of the Roman Empire and Genghis Khan’s cavalry to today’s military, the contributions, and leadership of people in uniform have stood the test of time. I spent eight years in the U.S. Air Force and Air Force Reserve and the leadership lessons I learned have lasted a lifetime. I often rely … Read more