Business, Brains, and the Bottom Line

Author: Joseph

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Episode 26: Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

Selling Is Something We Do With Others, Not To Them.

– -Joe Paranteau, Author – Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

Every aspect of your life is affected by your ability to sell. Many people, however never learn basic sales skills. It's not taught or encouraged in school. Only a few colleges have degrees in selling, and few even treat it seriously. Yet millions of people have found that their ability to sell well, has translated to career success.

Joe Paranteau, the author of ” Billion Dollar Sales Secrets”, is a leading expert on sales, and he shares what is dysfunctional about sales efforts today, and gives timely advice to build trust and deliver value. He focuses on what people can do to boost their sales abilities, and win deals.

Business brains and the bottom line with paul di liegro

The world has changed dramatically in the last year, as has the nature of sales. Please tune in to this episode, and don't spend another minute wondering how you will be the master of your sales destiny.

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