3 Tips to Find Focus in a Noisy Day

Author: Joseph

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Finding focus on a busy day is harder than ever these days. Distraction and interruptions are expected and mostly accepted, for work-from-home professionals these days. I can’t count the number of young ones, pets, and delivery men who have made their way into my workday over the past year.  None of these things were part of a daily routine pre-COVID, but as we’ve transitioned into a work-from-home society, especially for salespeople, a lot of these distractions are likely here to stay. 

Even just the amount of time we spend at our desks these days is different. A lot of us used to travel a lot more than we do these days. And even though traveling can make us busy, there was downtime on a plane or at night in a hotel room where we were alone and able to focus on tasks without any distractions. That 100% pure undistracted alone time is hard to come by these days.

The Time to Find Focus is Now

So what do we do? A lot of the time, we put it off. It’s easy to say, I’ll get more done tomorrow, but especially right now,  it’s hard to know if tomorrow will be even better. One of the important things I’ve learned in my career is to live in the moment. Never anticipate what is coming tomorrow, or missed opportunities from yesterday. It’s important in order to be successful to seize the day. Get it done today. Don’t let important tasks hang over your head. The time to focus and get it done is now, whether you are having trouble finding focus or not.

Here are 5 tips that help me find focus for my work and priorities amidst the noise in a busy day:

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