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Joe Paranteau is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and sales strategist who helps people and companies change the way they sell to meet today's challenges and close more deals.

The Story begins and ends with you.
Real change happens from the inside out.

-Joe Paranteau, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

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Are Your Sales Results Held Hostage As Your Struggle with HOW

To Grow Your Business

Let's face it, growing your sales territory or business in the shadow of the pandemic is HARD, but not IMPOSSIBLE, as long as you know the secrets.


To Delight Customers

Today's customers have unlimited choices, and your value is only as good as yesterday. Sales and customer success are not different roles, they're the SAME!


To Develop Sales Proficiency

Call reluctance and low sales skills are real, and they're eating your lunch. What's stopping you from success?


Let's Get Together and Talk About Lifting Your Sales Higher

– Book Joe to share the secrets behind his award winning book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets. He covers mindset, motivation, sales strategy, tactics, and more in a high-powered keynote. If you want to chart your own billion dollar path, Joe's gives you a rare glimpse into how you can develop into an elite seller!

-Joe's a great addition to sales kickoffs, retreats, and club trips. He's been there, carried the bag, won the awards, and will deliver real value for your team.

– Joe's been a guest television, international podcasts, and in the boardrooms of companies around the world. Now bring him to your next event in person or virtually to lift your sales higher!

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Joe Delivers Sales Gold

Motivational Keynotes and Virtual Presentations

Joe delivers high-energy, motivational keynotes that inspire audiences to take action. His practical strategies and stories will create connections with your audience and are a perfect addition to annual sales meetings or retreats. Joe masterfully unlocks your team's potential waiting to be unleashed, with his “4D Strategy” to accomplish or change anything you want in life.

As a professional communicator and active member of the National Speakers Association, he responds and adapts to the needs of his audience in virtual, live, or mixed hybrid venues. His insights will inspire new ways to energize your team and revenue. Let Joe guide your team to build solid customer relationships that fuel your growth.

Award-Winning Sales Books & Blogs

After selling more than $1B in sales in a few years, Joe studied what makes the top sellers elite, and created a playbook of 15 foundational “secrets” to help sellers and their leaders achieve more. 

The book is Billion Dollar Sales Secrets. Readers have compared it to the best sales books they've read. Reviewers love it. It is also one of Axiom's Best Business Books for Sales!

It's packed with tips and practical ways to help you and your team soar to new heights and achieve sales success.

Sales Coaching & Training

An effective sales team is critical for achieving your business goals. What you need here is an expert who can cultivate the necessary skills through innovative programs that build capabilities and introduce new avenues of learning on the job. Joe makes all that and more possible for you.

He has teamed with leading behavioral scientists and trainers to bring world-class training both on-demand and in-person.  

About Joe

Who is Joe Paranteau?

Joe Paranteau knows how to scale sales. He has led 30,000+ sales meetings and generated 1.8 billion in sales revenue.

Joe has worked with numerous startups and Fortune 500 companies to help them transform their businesses. He currently works as a sales leader at Microsoft.

If you require high-energy, motivational keynotes that compel your audience to take action – then you’ll want to connect with Joe. His practical strategies and stories will create connections with your team and are a perfect addition to annual sales meetings or retreats.

There’s much more to his story…

Read one of the Top Business Books of The Year!

Learn how to improve sales performance, for yourself or your team

Discover hundreds of new approaches based on more than 30,000 sales meetings

Develop these 9 Superstar traits to move you into the selling elite

Uncover the secrets to scale your business growth

What Others are SAying

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“This powerful read fast-tracks sales mastery…certain to positively impact your results.”

Phil M. Jones, Global Bestselling Author & Speaker


“Inspiring approach to tackling sales focusing on developing the growth mindset required to be successful in the world of business today.”

Dawn McGruer, CEO & Bestselling Author


“Unique and thought-provoking. This book is the perfect intersection of tactics, tips and tricks, and mindset training. A refreshing look at sales.”

Jamie Tozzi, Business Coach, Speaker, Advocate


“Joe worked for me when he met this challenge head-on. A billion dollars is a big number. Achieving this success level requires you to think big, plan for the long term, and never get comfortable or complacent. Joe's book gives you the insight, experience, and secrets to build and successfully execute the plan. This book is your new seller's bible.”

– Hector Rodriguez, MBA, Technology and Healthcare Industry Leader

“Four Stars! Rich in information, the book addresses all aspects of selling, from overcoming cold-call jitters to turning one-time successes into long-term opportunities.”

-Forward / Clarion Reviews

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